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About Dead by Daylight™

Created by Behaviour Interactive, Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action horror game of hide and seek, set in a dark fantasy and drawing from all corners of horror, where each match is a different experience. Dead by Daylight boasts more than 48 million players both globally and across all platforms. On any given day, up to 2 million players step into the Fog, whether on PC, console, or mobile. Since its release in 2016, the game has become a place where cult classic horror survives and thrives, having welcomed legends from TV, movies, and video games. For more information, please visit

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About Meet Your Maker

From the creators of Dead by Daylight comes Meet Your Maker, a building game of brutal expression and conquest. Players take on the role of Custodian of the Chimera, a living experiment created as a last resort to save life on Earth. They must enter a battle of skill and wits for the only remaining resource that matters, and the key to their Chimera’s evolution: pure genetic material. They’ll need to unleash their inner evil genius, building the ultimate fortress of devious deathtraps to protect this vital resource, or take on those built by others in a high-stakes heist to steal more. Designed for strategy and action fans alike, Meet Your Maker will grow over time, adding new content to an ever-expanding toolbox of traps, guards, and gear. Meet Your Maker is available on Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. For more information, visit

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About Islands of Insight

From the puzzle-masters at Lunarch Studios, in collaboration with Behaviour Interactive, comes Islands of Insight – an epic new shared-world puzzle adventure game. In a peaceful fantasy realm of ancient wonders and natural beauty, players embody a Seeker on a journey to find and solve every puzzle across a breathtaking open world of floating islands. Filled with secrets to uncover, and rewards to earn, players can explore this serene world alone, or with other players as they hone their puzzle-solving skills. Islands of Insight is available to Wishlist on Steam. For more information, visit Steam and

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The Casting of Frank Stone

Okay! Supermassive Games brings their acclaimed cinematic storytelling to the world of Dead by Daylight in the upcoming interactive horror game, The Casting of Frank Stone. In the small town of Cedar Hills, Oregon, the legacy of sadistic serial killer Frank Stone cuts deep, leaving scars across families, generations, and the very fabric of reality itself. Players join a group of young friends as they attempt to unravel a mystery of cosmic proportions where every decision shapes the story and impacts the fate of the characters within it. The Casting of Frank Stone is available to Wishlist on Steam, the Epic Games Store, the PlayStation Store (PS5) and the Microsoft Store (Windows and Xbox Series X|S). For more information visit

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